Tortona Stories - Monditalia

Tortona Stories was an exhibition for Monditalia at the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale.
Curators: Brendan Cormier and Fabrizio Gallanti.
Exhibition Design: Stefano Tropea.
Photography: Filippo Romano and Daniele Iodice.
Graphic Design: Michael Brenner.
Research assistance: Francesca Sartori.

Tortona Stories is an exploration of the Italian countryside through the transect of mountaintop to river plain. The project traces discrete phenomena in the Tortona region, where entrepreneurs and businesses, motivated by economic, administrative, and cultural forces are shaping the countryside through the products they make. Tortona Stories looks at how products, and by proxy the countryside, are mediated by these broader forces, manifested in a network of seemingly unrelated objects: guides, product catalogues, government laws, news clippings, prizes, brochures, etc. Ultimately, the countryside is a product of this mediation, birthed from words, images, laws, and ideas.

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